Sunday, October 30, 2011

COURAGEOUS Movie Trailer

Christian film Courageous box office hit - keeps selling tickets!

The Christian film Courageous seems to be in overdrive with movie goers. After  only one month of theatrical release, the box office tally has been a whopping $27,644,000. They did these numbers while being in limited release to less than 1/3 (1,100) of the available theaters nationwide and little advertising. Very impressive for a film shot with HD digital cameras for a little more than a reported $1,000,000.

My wife, myself and another couple saw the film the first week of release at the Edwards Brea Stadium, Brea California. BTW It is still playing to a packed house. This film was a Big breath of fresh air from the same old' Hollywood films with their over the top effects, shock subjects, or stupid potty humor.

Movie premise:
Today America has a Big growing problem with fathers not showing up and taking care of their families.
Only 50% of America's children grow up with a father today. Much worse in the inner city, only 1 in 5 has a dad. This all gives way to the demise of the American family which creates more angry children who flock to the dark side of crime, drugs, etc. Courageous rips the mask off this very real social illness. The film's result is today's American male getting a very painful look at himself for causing this problem. Ouch! Guilt is nasty.

BTW, it's amazing to see the amount of effort the negative critics are putting in on bashing a family film that gives men a way to clean up their act and be better men, fathers and husbands. What's your point, guys? What is your father family story like? Would a return to Bible values hurt or help our society?

Overview: 5 stars Great film!
I came away from this film feeling better and more motivated as a father and husband, understanding that I need to do a better job for my family. I have raised 3 children and now have a 9 year old step-daughter. Leaving a movie feeling like you have been given something of value to take home, is very rare. I was moved down to my very soul. Awesome.

Type of movie:
Christian Action/Real life Drama within a contemporary setting.
Rated PG-13 I would not take my 9 year old because of some heavy drama scenes and police action.

Courageous is a powerful police drama whose officers (like a lot of us) are wrestling with career and fatherhood in their own families. While contemplating the fatherless problem in the US, they discover that a lot of their calls are related to this issue. Great police action scenes in a hometown setting.

Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO, answer to my question. What makes a hit movie? "I don't care who stars in it or what effects are used, a movie's success all comes down to one thing, a good story." All movie's try to get an emotional response from the audience to succeed. Courageous does it very well with the story.   The real life connection was beyond surreal.

New style of filmmaking
The HD cameras gave the film a very 'surreal real feel' on the big screen. Couple this with the real life type story, and you come away with a new kind of movie experience. I really liked how the filmmakers took us on a rollercoaster of emotion with comedy and drama that weaved through this real life feel, of a story.

Great filmmakers give total attention to detail.
The star of the film Alex Kendrick is also the writer, director, producer and pastor. You can feel the pureness of his passion with this story in every element of this film.  Courageous was a team effort for sure, but a great team needs a great coach to win. Great win Alex and team!

Bottom line:
Courageous hits the American man over the head with a 2 x 4!
It is more than great entertainment it gives an awesome message to help men become better men which will give families new strength. See it on the big screen. Bring the kleenex for all.